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December 8, 2012
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Hello, and welcome to my request policy and information area. This is where you can learn about making a request with me and what I will and won't draw. Please be sure to read over all of it before sending your request. If you have any questions or comments please leave them here on the comment section of the policy. Please have a nice day. :)

Simple – One character, or two simple design characters
Complex – More than two characters, or two complex design characters.

Drawing Types
Sketch – A picture sketched out on computer paper, drawn by hand from scratch.
Colored Sketch – A picture that has been gone back over in colored pencil to give it color.
Ink/Line Art – A picture sketched out, and then put into SAI and turned into a black line fashion.
Color Picture – A picture created from a sketch, and fully colored following line art in SAI.
Coloring – I take a picture already done by another artist and color it in for you in SAI. Requires permission from the original artist.
Wallpaper – I make a wallpaper from a preexistent piece of art. (Requires original artists permission)

Pixel Art
Simple – Easy to draw characters without hard designs
Complex – Hard to draw characters, or multiple characters.

Pixel Art Types
Pokémon Character – A front view of a Pokémon character, preferably done if no prior sprites of the character are available.
Pokémon Battle – A sprite Pokémon battle between two sides. Max size triple battle.

Short Story – A quick story with one single consecutive plot, that doesn’t have too many characters.
Long Story – Two or three short stories that come together to make one long story, that can have a not so consecutive plotline, or multiple events. Fill’s multiple slots.
Series – Several short stories or chapter stories that make up one huge story.
Special – New parts to request based stories such as “The Mirror of Dark Illusion” that keep the story and plot going.

Pictures – Pre-existent models posed in a picture.
Models – A model made from existing models and pieces to your specifications
Videos – A short clip to help me experiment with MMD and get better at it. Cannot be longer than a minute unless is a very simple video.

Parody – A quick written parody or off version of a preexistent song. You can use it to sing it yourself, or get someone else to sing.
Song from Scratch – Working with my brothers I create a song for you from scratch. Using the lyrics we make you can create a beat and sing it.

What I’m willing to work with:
• Romance
o Straight
o Yaoi
o Yuri

• Dark
o Blood
o Gore
o Violence
o Dark Themes

• Age Regression & ABDL
o Male and Female AR
o Male and Female ABDL
o Wet diapers
o Messy diapers
o Diaper changes
o Ponies
o Pokémon
o Small creatures such as Digimon and Yugioh monsters
o Hourglass-of-Youth’s Mascots

• Religion
o Pro-Christianity
o Other religions, as long as it doesn’t pick on them.
o Mythology
o Educational material

• Anime and Cartoons
o MLP:FiM, expecially my fav ones.
o Video Games if to be drawn in anime format
o Original Characters
o Tsundere/Yandere

• Transformation Material
o Age Regression/Progression
o Shrink/GTS
o Breast Expansion

What I’d prefer to avoid working with
• Machines, at least in ABDL/AR situations
• Very complex beings, such as those with high level of detail
• Cartoon characters, especially Disney, but mostly if for the ABDL/AR factor if just drawing the character it’d be more Ok.
• Furries, but I suppose I’d still be willing
• Anime and games I’m not as familiar with (Cause I have to do research)
• Nudity, but I’m still willing. Female is easier for me to handle then male though. (This is due to my mother)
• Sex, because it’d be kinda uncomfortable and more pornographic than artwork.
• Hard yaoi, because if my mother see’s I’d get in trouble.
• Anti-*Insert whatever here*
• Politics
• Shipping that I’m not fond of. Ex: SonicXAmy
• Transformation material
o Doll TFs
o Inanimate TFs
o Inflation
o Weight Gain
o Furry/Anthromorphic
o TF’s resulting in death

What I absolutely will NOT work with
• Art bullying another artist
• Anything anti-religion
• Anything I’d prefer to avoid working with in an extreme, ex: Hard yaoi of two furries
• Propaganda
• Other peoples OC’s without their permission (Does include exceptions)
• Any idea that has been declined before.
• Hard stuff of shipping I’m not fond of.
• Exposed scat (No, just…no)
• Photography

Other information
Things that will make me more likely to draw something
• Equivilent exchange – A drawing for a drawing
• Payment – Paying me for a more developed drawing, expecially if I don’t know you as well.
• Appealing to things I’m interested in. Ex: Asking for my OC’s.
• Doing a favor for me, or giving me some sort of reward. (Is similar to drawing for a drawing)
• Being neat and orderly in how you set up your request
• Sending a note, not asking in a comment.
• Being a friend
• Being a close friend
• Being a real life friend
• Being family
• Being someone I admire
• Having drawn for me in the past without getting anything from me in return

Only two of the three open requests/commissions may be ABDL related at one time

Things that will make me less likely to draw it
• Tricking me
• Stealing from me – Trust me do this and it won’t just be the request not getting done
• Stealing from other artists
• Getting requests from me in the past
• Picking from my list of things I’d prefer to stay away from
• Complaining for not getting it set up the way you wanted it, or not getting it in general.

Warning System
• Warning if you keep pestering me about something I’ve already said no to.
• Ignored messages for if you still ensist
• Block if you spam me constantly about it
• Dropped request if your request is accepted but you keep pestering me about it
• Community warning if you still find a way to keep pestering me, and others about your request
• If possible, I WILL press charges (Only in extreme circumstances)
Things you can pay for, that will be counted as a commission
• Higher grade pictures Ex: A person I do not know paying me for a completely colored complex picture.
• Rush delivery (This flunctuates on how available it is and can offer refunds)
• Comics and comic colorings.

Other things you can ask about
• Art trades
• Collabs
• Group stuff
• Prints
• Special signatures
• My FATHER’s photography. (Is mostly stuff like flowers and nature stuff)
• My brother Alakazam’s artwork. (Not usually available on the internet)
• Artwork from my Twigdrive 2’s art archives. (Basically pictures I’ve saved that I like and I’m willing to share)
Good job. Now that you've read my policy, feel free to note me with a request. And remember, keep your eyes on the status of when requests and commissions are open and closed, and be sure to give me feedback.
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blueace1986 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
How many points would u need to be able to draw Blair from Soul Eater in her cat form in a litter box looking constipated? Without anything gross of course
TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Hmm...that's a little strange and I'm unsure how to draw it. But how many do you have?
blueace1986 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
If u did not know I was strange before this did it. I needed to know how many u would like so I can get them. As far as how to draw it from the angle of 45 dreegs looking down with her looking up and with her witch hat on her too
TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Diapered or no? And how far would you want sketch line color?
blueace1986 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
No diaper with full color but just very basic indoor style so Blair will be the center of attention
TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
That'd probably be a few hundred points, with a few more thrown in for the situation so...around maybe 750-1000 at most. Maybe 600 if it were just kinda flat color.
blueace1986 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
The only color that I would like to "pop" is just on Blair I'll get 900 because of how unusual this is
TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Oh wow. Ok. I'll see what I can do then. But can it be after the other two requests?
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grandsword Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
so, does this mean that requests are open
TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Well what does the policy say?
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