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Team Robbie! by Mezzberry

This is a very well drawn piece, that shows of a pretty good contrast on the world of pose. You have the very flexed and posed forms on...

Zed Pie and VikkeShy by FlutterThrash

This is probably one of my favorite MLP requests I've ever gotten from anyone, and definitely the best Lollipop Chainsaw Dark Purveyer ...

MLP: Tea Party by JayManney4Life

I'd like to start by saying that this would make a super cute scene in the actual show, and I think you captured the spirits of both of...

MLP#6 Candy Cloud and Arcana Pallette by SymbianL

Dawwwww! I love it! You captured the spirits of both of them perfectly, and drew them both with flawlessness. Candy Cloud's little pain...


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Bleach Logo by frogstreet13
Arturo Plateado -
Chizuru Honsho -
Ichigo Kurosaki -…
Nemu Kurotsuchi -
Rangiku Matsumoto -
Rukia Kuchiki -
Szayel Aporro Granz -
Ulquiorra Cifer - Target
Uryu Ishida -…

Deadman Wonderland LOGO PNG by guto-strife-1
Shiro -

Takeru Takaishi -

Pink Love with Logo by SSLMelon
Shizuo Heiwajima - Target

FMA Logo Render by Pandorachaan
Edward Elric - Target
Winry Rockbell - Target

Zelda A Link To The Past Logo by GGRock70
Link - Target

Lucky Star Logo by Vampire-Wings
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Gallerian Marlon - Target
Maria Brackenheim (Margarita Blankenheim) - Target

Applejack - Target
Pinkie Pie - Target
Princess Luna - Target
Twilight Sparkle - Target
Zecora -

Hailey Williams -
Kindred and Pavana -
Mike Wolfskin -…
Rin Aoi -

Logo Ace Attorney - limpio HQ by Honokawa
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Anabel -
Cynthia -
Dawn -
Fennel -
Iris -
James -
May -…
Shauntal - Target

Soul Eater Logo by Ztitus
Death the Kid -

HatsuneMiku-Vocaloid Wallpaper by omerksx
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Teto Kasane -…
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Yu-Gi-Oh by DA-Duelist-League
Dark Elf -
Dark Magician Girl -
Mystical Sand -
Ryou Bakura-…

Please inform me if I've missed any, as well as if you find a better icon.
So the votes have been tallied and I'm going to be doing some personal stuff for a while before I reopen commissions and requests. I've had a lot of ideas lately and I wanna know which ideas you guys would be dying to see first.

1. An idea I've had lying around for a long time around Flannery in a messy nappy suffering the effects of too much spicy things to eat. Probably would be an angle from behind with her kind hunched, focusing on the butt if anything.

2. Young Sly Cooper wearing nappies to bed cause he's a bedwetter in his orphanage. I could kinda see this getting a sequel where his buds put them on too infront of him to help him feel better I imagine. Though I may save this as a commission for someone.

3. Twiggy shoving a pre-determined slime OC down the front of his nappy, guest staring a friend's character.

4. Mettaton Neo showing off his new upgraded armor. May save for someone else though as I have tried once already.

5. Shrunken Twiggy changing Princess Peach, dragging away her messy diaper. This one would be kinda a legs shot of Peach, maybe with a blip showing her giggling face, as Twiggy is dragging away her full diaper, the nappy almost bigger than he is possibly bigger. He's grunting and struggling and pulling as hard as he can just to make it slide along the ground. A sequel to the recent coloring, but I have considered it as a commission option possibly from someone like Joey.

6. Snow falling down the back of Twiggy's nappy, and he makes a surprised face as well as the kinda reaction face where you keep the teeth together, the face flushes, maybe has a kinda blued effect to it, and goes "GIGH!" as the sort of reaction sound.

7. *Newer idea* A messy diaper smoosh against a window, just like someone pressing their boobs up against a window. Lip bite to complete the face. (No character in mind at this time, needs to fit the idea)

8. *Newer idea* Bonnie from Pokemon pouting in her Tyrantrum pajamas, cause they've now got a flap between the legs for diaper changes, and her diapers for overnight bulking under her pajamas.

I've also played around with ideas involving characters like Clemont secretly needing diapers and getting caught, Rotom regressing people with an elevator, stuff based on Smash like Samus or Zelda hitting the glass, and stuff from the amiibo Smash tourney like Zelda beating Rosalina with a butt spanking blast, or Samus rubbing her sore butt after losing very early on.

Feel free to make suggestions yourself if you think of anything. Lately I've really enjoyed Undertale, but as usual I always love Pokemon. I may also do something for Akame Ga Kill since the show's ending soon but Hell if I'd know what to do.


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Ezra "Twiggy" Takano
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello my name is Twiggy! My real name's a secret. : P But you can address me by my OC Ezra's nickname Twiggy, Turt, or anything you like. I am a professional age regressionist, a practicing ABDL, and I'm quite the gamer as well. I'm currently enrolled in a University to learn to become a New Media and Design Major. I hope you will come to be my friend, and I'm very happy to make your acquaintance.


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